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Skin Care Products

Anti-Wrinkle Cream withseaweed extracts from the sea, rich in calcium. Cream help to skin feels firmer, elastic, wrinkles look reduce.
Price 590 Baht Standard price 899 Baht

Active Ingredients


Cosmetic active with a purified extract of Padina pavonica Stimulates the synthesis of the Glucosaminoglucans
HPS3 stimulates the synthesis of glucosaminoglucans, highly hydrophilic molecules which constitute the fundamental substance of the dermis under the form of a colloidal gel. 
  • GAGs make up a sort of hydric tank, keeping the main part of the skin water. They are responsible to a large extent for the mechanical properties of the skin and its youthful aspect (suppleness, firmness, elasticity).
  • GAGs play a dramatic physiological role : they control cell life, the circulation of metabolites, the intercellular chemical signals, the enzymatic activity, in one word the skin metabolism.

The four main GAGs :
  • hyaluronic acid (disaccharidic units),
  • dermatan sulfate, keratan sulfate and heparan sulfate (sulfated glucosaminoglucans).
Glucosaminoglucans become scarce with age so that the dermis is thinner and drier, leading to the formation of wrinkles.
HPS3 acts on the skin cells via keratinocytes. 

Fibroblasts are incubated with the supernatant of a culture which contained :
  • non treated keratinocytes : the quantity of GAGs remains stable,
  • keratinocytes treated with the extract of Padina : the quantity of GAGs in the medium increases.
  • The keratinocytes treated with the extract of Padina produce substances able to increase the GAG synthesis by fibroblasts. This study highligts the concept of cell communication.


  • Natural product – not chemically modified · 
  • Excellent moisturizer · 
  • Protects skin cells against UV radiation · 
  • Stimulates fibroblast growth and collagen synthesis · 
  • Promotes healing and reduces discoloration of scars · 
  • Stimulates immune defense · 
  • Helps reduce extrinsic signs of aging – non-invasive treatment of skin wrinkles
  • Sections of abdominal tissue removed surgically without subcutaneous fat ·
  •  One application of 5% or 50% SymGlucan® solution · After 8 hours incubation, the skin tissue cut into thin slices, stained with Calcofluor white and examined using a fluorescent microscope · 
  • Results show that SymGlucan® penetrates into the epidermis and dermis sections of the skin · 
  • Semi-quantitative assay showed that a significant portion has penetrate
  • 8 weeks photo-aging trial with facial treatment on 27 subjects · Twice daily application of randomly assigned products – 10% SymGlucan® gel vs. placebo · 
  • Skin elasticity measurements by Cutometer showed significant improvement in skin extensibility · 
  • Macrophotography of the left and right sides of the face demonstrated a reduction in lines and wrinkles · 
  • Image analysis of silicone replicas from outer canthus area showed smoothing effect on the skin
Excellent moisturi Zer – results from clinical study · 
  • Panel of 10 female subjects · Test products: emulsion with 5% SymGlucan® and placebo 
  • 4 weeks, twice daily applica - tion on inner side of forearms
  • Measurements: moisture, firmness, elasticity and roughness


  • Shea butter has long been known for its excellent skin benefits. In ancient times the peoples of West Africa used this valuable butter to restore, soothe and protect their skin. Today, these properties can be directly related to the triterpene esters contained in shea butter, and their documented skin functionalities. Shea butter is range, offering a concentrated bioactive fraction of shea butter triterpene esters. The bioactive lipids have been concentrated to a high content and have been shown to possess potent skin caring and protecting properties. The documented skin functionality and safety profile of Shea butter makes it well suited to high-end skin care and dermocosmetic applications.

    Efficacy testing of Shea butter The efficacy of Shea butter has been evaluated with regard to skin barrier strengthening, protease inhibiting and anti-inflammatory properties. Results are summarized in the table above.

    Shea butter triterpene esters give a stronger skin barrier Shown beneficial effect on skin barrier properties of Shea butter (Fig. 1) is further confirmed by morphological studies showing very good skin morphology with a well-laminated epidermis and stratum corneum.


  • Delivers moisturization efficacy comparable to glycerin - the leading benchmark and industry standard 
  • Provides a means of reducing silicones and aesthetic enhancing agents typically used in combination with glycerin
  • Efficient alternative to high end moisturizing agents 
  • Moisturization synergies with glycerin and other moisturizing agents possible (NSC patent-pending)
  • Offers non-tacky, non-greasy aesthetics
Hydrovance Properties
  • Excellent moisturization performance compared to the leading benchmark 
  • Increased skin elasticity 
  • Significantly improved sensory skin feel compared to key benchmarks


SERILESINE This peptideretains many of the chracteristics of the native protein, and promotes cell adhesion and proliferation. Certain features of the DEJ are altered by the aging process, such as the anchoring ability of keratinocytes, probably due to deficiencies in the expression of integrins as we age.
Laminin-5 synthesis has also been proved to decrease in aged skin. This causes a loss of contact between dermis and epidermis, and results in the skin losing elasticity and becoming saggy. The cohesion between dermis and epidermis is essential to maintain skin balance because it enables the transport of oxygen, nutrients and waste, contributing to the health of the epidermis. Serilesine's synthetic hexapeptide from Laminin-1 is able to restore the skin’s normal function by promoting synthesis of Laminin-5, stimulating keratinocyte and fibroblast proliferation, inducing a redensifying effect on the dermis, and an improvement in skin elasticity, compactness, tonicity and smoothness.

  • Improves cell adhesion by enhancing synthesis of laminin-5
  • Adhesion of cells to the basement membrane and among themselves provides firmness to the skin
  • Increased contact between skin cells ensures correct nourishment and health
  • Induces a significant increase in dermis density, improving skin compactness

How to use : Apply over face
Warning : Allergy test before using.
Net : 15g.    
The factory has been producing GMP standard.